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May 25, 2013
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    Somewhere deep in the Amazon jungle, a young lady had just gotten herself into a bit of trouble. The lady was named Jess, and her boat was ship wrecked. She had been travelling down the Amazon River for the sake of exploration, hoping to experience nature for herself. Jess had always been fond of wildlife, and this was her chance to witness it firsthand. Unfortunately, she had made the decision to split off from the main river and explore a separate branch of the water. A fork in the road that not many were familiar, especially not Jess. Her boat had struck a large, broken tree jutting out of the water, the crash causing the boat to become immobile. Now Jess finds herself lost, alone, and trapped in the Amazon jungle.

    “This is just my luck,” the girl said to herself, as she sat in the captain’s chair of her boat. “I finally get to experience my dream, and I run into a stupid tree.”
    Jess was a rather attractive young lady. Her brown hair was long and had a rhythmic flow to it. She had glamorous eyes with a shade of glossy brown that matched her hair. Her nose was adorned with a small piercing, a stud above her left nostril. A light pink colored her thin lips, a type of lipstick that greatly suited her. She had a thin face, with prominent cheeks and a perfectly rounded chin.

    The beauty that emanated from her face continued throughout the rest of her body. Jess was very active with gymnastics, so her body was always in a very healthy state. Her arms and legs were thin and slender, greatly complimenting her tall figure. Her fingernails were black as always, one of many colors she had an attraction for. Since her body was so fit, Jess took much pride in it. She wore a dark red crop top with short shorts to match. The only parts of her body that weren’t visible were her breasts, hips, and private area. Her stomach was plain for all to see, as well as her legs and feet. Finally, Jess had one area of her being that completed her magnificent appearance, one metaphorical rug that really tied the room together. That centerpiece was her navel, which had been graced with a gold belly button piercing holding two red jewels. Jess’ stomach and belly button always caught the eyes of her peers. It was something she was rather proud, just like the rest of her fabulous body.

    “I can’t just sit here and do nothing,” she thought to herself. “But how am I going to lodge the boat out of that tree?”

    Jess continued to sit in her seat, contemplating the situation. She was sprawled out across the chair, stretching her body out to the point where her legs rested upon the desk in front of her. Running through any and all ideas in her head, the girl subconsciously started to circle her right index finger around the circumference of her navel. It was a natural habit, something she didn’t really focus on but performed regardless. She sat and she sat, thinking and thinking, circling and circling. Eventually, Jess figured that the best thing she could do before anything else was check the boat for any damages. If any significant part of the boat was broken beyond repair, she would have to abandon it and travel on foot.

    “That’s about all I can do,” she said. “It’s better than nothing, I guess.”

    Jess stood up and made her way to the back of the boat. There, a small platform was built, one for people to look out into the water or climb back in after a swim. The girl figured the boat’s rudder would be the easiest thing to check first, so it was best to start there. As she walked out onto the platform, Jess forgot to take into account her bare feet. The platform had become rather wet, most likely due to the crash from earlier. She took two steps onto the platform and began to slip.

    “Whoa, WAAAAA-!,” she exclaimed, as she lost her balance and soon fell straight into the water of the Amazon river. She created a sizeable splash and a few seconds later, came back up to the surface, inhaling the air as soon as she could. She panted for a short while, eventually regaining her composure.

    She shouted, “Pant… pant… WHY ME?”

    Jess had become rather irritable at the steady worsening of her situation, as well as her evident lack of control over it. She pulled her damp hair out of her eyes, her wet body now glistening in the Amazon sun. However, unbeknownst to her, something was watching her. Jess was not alone.

    Once the girl could see again, she had calmed herself. She kept telling herself things would be okay, that she would get out of this. She looked down at the water, then turned her head to examine the environment around her. As her head turned to the left, she was shocked by what her eyes had found. The largest green anaconda she had ever seen was staring at her. The serpent was coiled up on a large tree branch, apparently from a tree that had fallen into the river. Jess locked eyes with the snake, afraid to say or do anything. Before she could think of something, the anaconda had made its move.

    The snake’s head shot out at Jess, biting her on her left shoulder. The girl winced in pain, struggling to think of a way to escape. The giant anaconda forced Jess toward the rest of its body, spinning her round and round into its coils. The first coil wrapped around her entire chest and shoulders, as the second coil slowly encircled her abdomen. As the girl and the snake came closer to the fallen tree branch, the serpent’s second coil pinned Jess’ torso to a smaller branch that just barely poked out of the water.

    Now that the girl was all tied up, the anaconda squeezed its body mass around her thin figure. Jess was in major pain; her entire upper body was being horribly constricted. She shrieked in pain as the anaconda watched her, flicking its tongue in the air. Jess knew what was going through the snake’s mind, and she wanted nothing to do with it. But she simply couldn’t escape, now that she was in the serpent’s grasp.

    The anaconda squeezed again, tighter than ever before. Jess shrieked louder this time, being forced to endure unbearable pain. The snake squeezed so hard that the small branch Jess was pinned to suddenly snapped and shot off into the water. Jess was constricted so much that her slender legs shot up to the surface of the water. The girl wouldn’t be able to take much more of this, as she desperately gasped for air. Her eyes were wide open as she was becoming more and more desperate for survival. With her eyes open as wide as they were, she could plainly see the anaconda watching her, savoring the meal to come.

    The snake then lunged once more, grabbing Jess’ head within its jaws. Jess had a full view of the serpent’s mouth, folds of pin flesh covering her vision. She could peer into the snake’s throat, a dark cavern where she knew she would be sliding into if she didn’t escape now. The anaconda held her head in place as it twisted the rest of its body. This action also turned Jess’ body, both of their masses rotating to the left as the girl’s head was held in place. Such a violent and sudden act was probably the snake’s attempt at snapping Jess’ neck. Fortunately for the girl, she was still barely conscious, and still alive.

    The serpent released the girl’s head, watching as Jess’ head slowly slid forward. The girl was exhausted, on the brink of collapse. She had hit her breaking point, and the snake knew it. The coils weren’t so tight anymore, so Jess was able to take very light breaths now. The poor girl was barely hanging onto life, adamant to be free from the serpent’s grasp. But such a thing was not to be, as Jess slowly lifted her head back up. She looked up at the snake, eyes half open, and watched in horror as the anaconda’s jaws ever so slowly opened wide. She could see drool dripping from the monster’s lips, and it was here she knew that she was destined to be nothing more than lunch for a giant anaconda. The serpent moved its mouth forward toward Jess’ head. The girl closed her eyes before the inevitable happened, thinking back to that stupid tree that got her into this mess in the first place…
A story I wrote for a friend. I know I don't usually write anything, but I can say the character featured in this story will be starring in her own comic.
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DisneyVillain1349 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
Where can we find the comic?
Superkid77 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
It doesn't exist. I have fallen out of touch with the person I collaborated on this story with.
DisneyVillain1349 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
I see. Too bad.
ER-iKaa Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013
that was a well written story. i enjoyed it quite a bit. =)
BiggerBenny Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013
For someone who doesn't consider themselves a writer your grammar and pacing were pretty good.
arragon548 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013
Is there gonna be a part 2
Superkid77 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013
ScarheartPics Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Hobbyist
That was a good vore story x3
HanSolo14 Featured By Owner May 25, 2013
Was she the girl you drew years ago?
Superkid77 Featured By Owner May 26, 2013
No, a new friend.
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